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Which Massage gun shall I buy ?

Best picks of the best massage guns Theragun Elite Battery life: 120 minutes Weight: 2.2 pounds (1 kg) Special features: 5 speed options, 5 attachable heads, quiet motor,...

Exploring Hyperice: What’s the Best Tool for You?

Hyperice—the leader in high-tech tools for soothing muscles and joints and aiding in recovery—is well-known to those who seek out top recovery technology, like pro athletes and physical therapists. But Hyperice tools are no less effective for anyone who uses their muscles every day. 

Hypervolt Go Vs Theragun Mini

Which is better, Theragun mini or Hypervolt GO?

The Theragun mini is better if you are looking for a percussive massage on the go that comes as close to bigger massage guns as possible. It is also the more mobile option. Choose the Hypervolt GO if you aim for a more relaxing, vibrational type of massage experience that is super quiet and therefore even suitable for the office.