The Smart Tools Kit

  • Rs. 16,999.00

       Designed for the Osteopath

The most advanced and effective approach to IASTM for musculoskeletal injuries.

The future of Rehab is here


Professional Set


Our new 3 pc set with emollient and new roll up case. This is a mix of double and single beveled edges, features a patent pending double sided, single beveled handlebar tool, new hand tool, and a new blade tool.


Our tool set is a combination of all five SMART Tools (STM1, STM3, STM5) in a canvas roll up case.


This palm sized tool is designed for use on smaller areas of the body such as hands, feet, forearms, and calves. Its sloped design offers comfort for the practitioner, while maintaining versatility with its double beveled edge for management of smaller areas of the body. Weight: 9 oz. Made of medical grade Stainless Steel.


This large tool is designed for use on larger areas of the body, specifically the lower extremity. The handle bars provide comfort for the practitioner in any treatment situation. Due to the size and desired weight it reduces the effort needed by the practitioner and optimizes effectiveness for use on large areas of the body when compared to the smaller tools. Weight: 14.4 oz. Made of medical grade Stainless Steel.


The STM5 is the smallest tool we offer, but it is also the most versatile. It is specifically designed for use on the hands, forearms, and in some occasions, the gastrocs. It features a single beveled edge on one inlet and a double beveled edge on the other inlet, creating the most adaptable tool in the lineup. Weight: 7 oz. Made of medical grade Stainless Steel.

Strength Cream

Strength Cream ( FDA ) "Tissue Mobilization Emollient" Specifically Designed For Use With Smart Tools.

Strength Case/Bag

The Smart Case is the most convenient solution to transport your tools away from the clinic.